Top Four EquipmentWatch Models and Metrics, December Review

We found the top four models for December 2016 and analyzed their month over month price, age, and volume trends.
Percent changes in FMV price for Top Models from December 2015.

This past month, the top model for the construction market was the Caterpillar 320E L, which had a volume increase of 20.7% between November and December alone. This was by far the largest month over month percentage increase of all four models. The most popular month for this particular equipment was September, in which volume doubled the average monthly volume for that year. The second most popular model of the four during December was the Volvo VNL64T730, which decreased month over month by 2.5%. Despite the small decrease in volume, this December showed much greater volume than December 2015 with a year over year increase of almost six times the number of vehicles available. Both the Deere 9560RT and Genie Z-30/20N had similar volume for December after the Genie dropped 33.2% year over year and the Deere increased 30.6%. The 9560RT had the largest percentage decrease in volume between November and December by far as it was their lowest volume during 2016 since January.

The Genie Z-30/20N was by far the oldest equipment of the top four on the market during 2016. The average age ranged between 8.7 and 10.8 years. The Caterpillar 320E L remained relatively similar month over month, staying between 2.95 and 3.3 with the largest percentage changed between September and October when it dropped 2.7%. The Deere 9560RT had the smallest monthly variation in average age and finished the year only 0.39% higher than where it started. The Volvo VNL64T730 had the largest monthly changes in average age as it dropped 19% in February and increased by 18.5% in March. The year over year change in average age increased 18.7%.

These volume and age changes impacted the average price on the market for all four models. The resale price of a Caterpillar 320E L dropped 1.45% between November and December with a 6.5% drop from December 2015. This was the smallest year over year change in price of these four models as the Genie Z-30/20N dropped 16.1% year over year despite the 0.16% increase from the previous month. The large year over year drop was due to the large decreases in pricing in January and July. The Volvo VNL64T730 dropped 3.37% from November and 14.0% from last December with the largest drops in March, down 10.68%, and July, down 7.18%. The Deere 9560RT was the only model that did not have a monthly price change over 2% with the highest drop between July and August down 1.54%. There were no consistent trends across all four models as the markets shifted in their own directions, but the pricing of the Caterpillar and Deere fell most closely together of the four top models for this month.

Average age for Top Models for December 2015 and December 2016, as well as changes in volume trends for November 2016 to December 2016, and December 2015 to December 2016.
Subtype Model Size Class Avg Age in Dec '15 Avg Age in Dec '16 Volume %Change – Nov '16 to Dec '16 Volume %Change – Dec '15 to Dec '16
Crawler Mounted Hydraulic Excavators Caterpillar 320E L 24.1 – 28.0 MTons 2.41 2.95 20.7% 97.9%
Track Tractors Deere 9560RT 375 hp and over 1.98 2.98 -31.5% 30.6%
Electric Self-Propelled Articulating Aerial Lifts Genie Z-30/20N 21 – 30 ft 8.71 10.62 0.4% -33.2%
Conventional – Sleeper (Heavy Tractor) Volvo VNL64T730 33001 lbs. & over 2.43 2.88 -2.5% 577.5%
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