EquipmentWatch Values: March 2017 Update

A quick summary of the last 12 months of used equipment valuations, updated monthly.

EquipmentWatch Values is the industry’s only source of Fair Market Values (FMV) and Forced Liquidation Values (FLV) covering construction, lift truck and agricultural equipment. Each month our ValueTrend Engine consumes an average of 750,000 market transactions which are cleaned, mapped and fed into a proprietary blend of automated equations managed by our analyst staff. The result is the most accurate, market-driven equipment valuations available updated on a monthly basis. Below you’ll find a quick summary of month over month FMV and FLV trending as well as a deeper look into last month’s market activity driving the latest Values update.

February Summary
Observed Market Activity: $27,822,000,000+
Overall Resale (FMV) Change from Previous Month: -0.29%
Overall Auction (FLV) Change from Previous Month: -0.56%

Month-over-month value trending for across the top equipment subtypes for resale and auction:
Equipment Type FMV %Change FLV %Change
4-Wd Articulated Wheel Loaders 0.78% green-up-arrow -1.03% red-down-arrow
Combines -0.35% red-down-arrow 0.07% green-up-arrow
Compact Track Loaders -0.51% red-down-arrow -0.15% red-down-arrow
Crawler Mounted Compact Excavators 0.25% green-up-arrow -0.84% red-down-arrow
Crawler Mounted Hydraulic Excavators 0.55% green-up-arrow -1.06% red-down-arrow
Electric Self Propelled Scissor Lifts -0.44% red-down-arrow 1.22% green-up-arrow
I.C. Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks 0.03% green-up-arrow -0.13% red-down-arrow
I.C. Self Propelled Telescopic Boom Aerial Lifts -0.71% red-down-arrow -2.20% red-down-arrow
Standard Crawler Dozers -0.19% red-down-arrow -0.57% red-down-arrow
Telescoping Boom Rough Terrain Lift Trucks -0.49% red-down-arrow -0.12% red-down-arrow
Tractor-Loader-Backhoes 0.31% green-up-arrow -1.55% red-down-arrow
Wheel Tractors 0.23% green-up-arrow -0.62% red-down-arrow

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