Cost of Owning Skid Steers in Alaska and New Mexico: Where Does Your City Rank?

    When ranking the cost to own skid steer loaders for cities in Alaska and New Mexico, Fairbanks tops the list while Albuquerque tends to be the least expensive.

    Key Takeaways for Decision Makers

    EQUIPMENT MANAGER/ESTIMATOR: Given the array of differing equipment rates per city and state, be sure to use EquipmentWatch’s regional adjustments in order to ensure you’re using the most accurate rates possible.

    In November of 2016 EquipmentWatch ranked all 50 states based on the cost to own skid steer loaders (see Cost of Owning Skid Steers: Where Does Your State Rank?). It was determined that Alaskan regions (north, south, central) took the top three spots making Alaska the most expensive state to own skid steer loaders. Rounding out the list was New Mexico as the least expensive state.

    It’s no secret that the cost to own equipment can even change from city to city within a state as per capita income, precipitation, and weather fluctuate. The table below takes a deeper dive and ranks cities in Alaska and New Mexico.

    City State Adjustment Multiplier
    Fairbanks Alaska 150.10%
    Nome Alaska 142.60%
    Anchorage Alaska 135.50%
    Santa Fe New Mexico 92.00%
    Las Cruces New Mexico 89.00%
    Rio Rancho New Mexico 88.90%
    Albuquerque New Mexico 86.00%

    Fairbanks, Alaska tops the list as the most expensive city while Albuquerque, New Mexico is the least expensive city. On average, and across all sizes, skid steer loaders cost $2,385.37 to own per month, $667.84 to own per week, $167.56 to own per day, and $25.26 to own per hour. However, in Fairbanks the monthly ownership cost can increase to $3,580.44, almost $200 over the Alaska-North state adjustment (most expensive Alaskan region). Albuquerque, New Mexico is the least expensive city in the list to own skid steer loaders with monthly ownership costs of $2,051.42, which is still slightly higher than the statewide costs overall.

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